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Easily copy* DVD & Video

No need to be any kind of computer or video expert, BVRP Digital Video Duplicator 3 simplifies video and DVD copy* to its maximum.
Discover this new version features : instant DVD to DVD copy*, digital camera movies encoding, Pocket PC and Smartphone support, DVD menus creation…

Simplified DVD copy*

With Digital Video Duplicator 3, the whole copying process (extraction, encoding, burning) can be done in a single operation. You can also make a DVD to DVD instant copy*. Finally, this software also manages DVD menu.

Two copy* modes adapted to your needs

An Easy mode aims to quickly copy* your DVD and personal video thanks to the predefined parameters. A Pro mode has made for video experts. Follow our step by step wizard and create your DVD with post-production parameters.

New supported formats

BVRP Digital Video Duplicator 3 supports DV format to copy* your digital cameras video on CD or DVD. This software also automatically set up the video encoding parameters according to its use : PC screen, TV, mobile devices (PDA, Smartphone…)

(*)Legal notice
This software is to be used exclusively to create authorised copies or copies for the private use of the holder of the original, for his or her own use and within the bounds of the family circle. Those in breach of this notice are liable to civil and/or criminal sanctions.
Circunvent technical measures against DVD copy is unlawful. Accordingly this software does not enable to copy protected DVDs.

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