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GPRS Manager
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GPRS Manager

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Connect to the GPRS network with your Pocket PC

With the GPRS Manager you can have the freedom to send/receive e-mails, & surf the Internet on your Pocket PC or PDA. The GPRS Manager sets up your connection to the GPRS network in no time so that your Pocket PC is fully function able in seconds …

GPRS connection wizard

The GPRS connection wizard assists you in getting connected to the GPRS network with only a few clicks so you can surf the Web on your Pocket PC or PDA in no time.

Enhanced compatibility

GPRS Manager includes predefined settings for all major worldwide mobile phone operators so set up is painless

Mobile phone configuration

The connection on your mobile phone is automatically configured so connecting is fast and easy


*Requires subscription to GPRS service (for high speed Internet and e-mail on the cellular network)

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