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> Be mobile: Get connected anywhere, anytime
> Synchronize your cell phone and PC data
> Multimedia Studio: manage your multimedia files


Be mobile: Get connected anywhere, anytime

Connect your cell phone to your laptop and use it as a modem to surf the Web, send/view email, fax, SMS and MMS on your PC.

Get connected to the Internet wherever you are via your laptop

  • Get connected to the Internet thanks to your cell phone GSM, GPRS or UMTS connection
  • Surf on the Web, manage your emails
  • mobile PhoneTools includes all major mobile phone operator connection parameters and automatically sets them up
  • Quickly send SMS and MMS from your laptop. As well as if you were at your office, use your own groups of recipients and messages priority and acknowledgements of receipt options
  • Send and receive emails: also, only download your email titles to save money on your GPRS or UMTS connection. Just select the interesting messages to download
  • Send fax and use predefined cover pages, groups of recipients, fax preview...
  • Manage SMS, emails and fax with a single interface

Synchronize cell phone and PC to keep your data up to date

Keep all your contacts in just one phonebook and synchronize your laptop and mobile phone contacts bases.

  • Direct access and dynamic management of Outlook, Outlook Express and BVRP Software contact base formats; you can open and modify contact files directly in mobile phoneTools without having to import or export.
  • Import and export a range of formats: text, Dbase, continual fields, BVRP Software, Outlook, Outlook Express, Vcard.
  • Retrieve and manage your mobile contacts base from the mobile PhoneTools' interface on your laptop without having to type the information in twice.
  • Use mobile PhoneTools for all your communications and enjoy direct access to your contacts base saving you from having to look up and copy the numbers you need.
  • With the multi-group contact and multiple phonebook management features, users can easily manage their contacts stored on several mobile phones. Contact groups can be created easily by manual selection or using search criteria.
  • Keep your contact bases up to date by synchronizing your laptop and mobile phone (SIM card and phone memory) files.
  • Modify your mobile phone contacts according to your needs. For example, make use of your professional contacts in the week and replace them with your personal contacts at the weekend.
  • Compatible with multi-number contact records (Nokia, Ericsson), mobile PhoneTools enables you to optimize the use of your mobile phone contacts.
  • Make sure you never lose your contacts thanks to mobile PhoneTools' Back-up and Restoration Wizard; if your phone gets lost or stolen simply transfer all your contacts to your new one.
  • Use the same contacts base when communicating with any mobile PhoneTools' feature.
  • Add a photo to your contact records.
  • Keep a complete record of your contact details, both personal and professional: postal address, e-mail, telephone numbers, fax numbers...


Multimedia Studio

Multimedia Studio is a multimedia files management module composed of Mobile Explorer, Image Studio, Melody Studio, and MMS Studio.

Mobile Explorer: Save your pictures, ring tones on your PC hard drive

  • Quickly preview your cell phone content thanks to organized thumbnails and delete unwanted files
  • Visualise your cell phone content in Mobile Explorer. Import/export the chosen data from your PC to your cell phone or from your cell phone to your PC
  • Transfer your files in just a click with Mobile Explorer double pane view interface
  • Use your cell phone as a USB key to carry files

Image Studio / Melody Studio: Personalize your cell phone

  • Transfer photos taken with your cellphone to your PC to save and modify them
  • Edit and modify your personal pictures before transferring them on your phone
  • Create wallpapers and screensavers for your cell phone
  • Use your favourite music tunes as ring tones for your cell phone: you can also select just a part of your favourite CD
  • Image studio and Melody studio automatically convert all sound and image files to the right format to be cell phone supported

MMS Studio: Send Multimedia Messages (MMS)

  • Create MMS by compiling pictures, sound and text
  • MMS studio automatically sets up your MMS connection parameters for you to keep focused on your message creation



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