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Connection Manager
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Connection Manager

Quick Connection Wizard

BVRP Connection Manager takes the hassle out of network connections for business travelers and commuters. Automatically detects available networks and gets you connected to the Internet anywhere !

At the office, at home, at the airport, at the hotel…BVRP Connection Manager stores your network settings and connects you via wireless networks, WiFi, Ethernet, LAN, GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth and more. Connect to your network via your mobile phone…

Quick & Smart Connection Wizard  
Automatic network detection
Connection profile creation Limited to 2 unlimited
Auto-switch to the best profile
Security Settings Management    
MS Internet Connection Firewall Management
Third-Party VPN Support
All Kind of Connections    
WiFi, Ethernet, DUN connections
Cellular Connections (GPRS, UMTS…)

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Key features:

Network Connection Wizard
Connection Manager saves you time by automatically detecting available networks and using your stored profiles to get you online.

Memorizes Network Settings
Connection Manager stores your network settings for locations that you connect from on a regular basis.

Network Security
Connection Manager includes security features that provide Internet and confidential data access from any location. Optimizes security parameters such as firewalls to offer the best level of protection...


Laptop Magazine Editors Choice for September 2005. Laptop calls it a *must have* program for mobile professionals.

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At the office

At home

At the airport

At the hotel